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Welcome to 2012

We here at ColorJar would like to officially welcome everyone to 2012. While January traditionally marks the start of the year, it’s a busy month full of making resolutions (I’m running at 1280 x 800 on this laptop right now), and it’s in February that you truly begin to be accountable to sticking by them.

What were our resolutions? We can’t say, because resolutions are like wishes, if you say them out loud (or type them on the internet), they might not come true. Well, not really, but we keep those to ourselves because at ColorJar it’s about the clients. So many companies say it, but just because something is oft-repeated, doesn’t mean it’s any less true. Without our clients, we don’t exist. We’re really happy and grateful to have worked, and be working, with great companies and individuals, doing unique and great things. Continue reading…