Jeff Hoffman

The co-founder of ColorJar, Jeff Hoffman is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovator in the fields of Internet, e-commerce, and entertainment. He is best known as a founder and CEO in the Priceline family of companies.

Jeff works with President Obama’s National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, along with USAID and the State Department, for which he speaks worldwide on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Jeff launched his first software company, Competitive Technologies, while still a student at Yale University. The company, which pioneered online travel tools, was acquired by American Express.

He is the producer of hit horror film Cabin Fever and had a music group tour with Britney Spears and *NSYNC. He had nothing to do with the shiny pants.

He’s a regularly featured business expert on Fox News, CNN, NBC and other media outlets. Jeff has spoken at conferences and symposiums in over 40 different countries.

Jeff also has the longest bio of any ColorJar team member, which is in no way a euphemistic statement of his “superior experience.”

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