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Play To Win.

David Gardner brainstorming on a project

Competitiveness is in our DNA

ColorJar plays to win.

Founded in 2008 by a professional athlete, ColorJar’s mission is to help brands perform at their best by unleashing brand potential.

Our team of strategists and designers leverage the tenets that define success in the sports world to empower brands in the marketplace.

We have a relentless focus on executing against a clearly defined strategy, with the ability to outmaneuver the competition with creative agility, realized through discipline, teamwork, and quite simply – grit and determination.

Over the last decade, we’ve been fortunate to partner with over 100 brands, and help them achieve a brand-driven competitive advantage that drives business results.

Whether it’s making strong brands even stronger or creating new-to-the-world brands, we’re driven by our mission of helping our clients and their brands win in a competitive market.

David Gardner brainstorming on a project

Insightful strategy realized through breakthrough design and relentless execution defines winning brands.

The LEYE brand book

Brand Strategy

Foundational Strategy

  • Insights and Analytics
  • Positioning
  • Purpose, Persona, and Vision
  • Portfolio and Architecture
  • Touchpoints and Interactions
  • White Space Opportunity Mapping
  • Brand Playbook

The LEYE brand book

A person designing a logo

Brand Design

Visual Solutions

  • Logo and Visual Identity Systems
  • Branded Environments
  • Digital
  • Packaging
  • Portfolio
  • Brand Guidelines and Toolkits

Verbal Solutions

  • Naming and Tagline
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Messaging

A person designing a logo

A woman drinking from a water bottle.

Brand Expression

Brand Stewardship

  • Brand Management
  • Internal Brand Programs
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Launches and Campaigns

A woman drinking from a water bottle.

Industry Expertise

We’ve delivered for 100+ clients across many industries since 2008, from Fortune 500 enterprises to growth-stage startups.


  • Navy Pier
  • Lettuce Entertain You
  • Blue Plate
  • Kapow Events

Digital Tech

  • Google
  • Brinks Security
  • Keeper Security
  • ParkWhiz

Consumer Products

  • Laphroaig Whiskey
  • Aiwa
  • AER Dryer
  • Transformation Protein

Real Estate

  • CBRE
  • Clayco
  • 3L Real Estate
  • Avail

Fitness & Sports

  • Swish House
  • Stephen A. Smith
  • The Big Jump
  • Dartmouth


  • Chicago Infrastructure Trust
  • IDOT
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • University of Akron

Impact Ventures

  • Chicago Innovation Awards
  • The Lefkosky Foundation
  • Dreamyard
  • Tech Stars

Architecture & Design

  • JAHN
  • Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill
  • The B-Line
  • Chapter Apartments


  • Chicago Ventures
  • Sandbox Industries VC
  • AAM
  • Lendkey

A photo of David Gardner

About Our Founder

David Gardner is a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur and recognized branding authority who launched ColorJar in 2008.

Meet David Gardner

A photo of David Gardner

Let’s create a champion brand

Let’s huddle!

  • Of the many firms we’ve worked with, ColorJar has the most thoughtful, practical, and research-grounded approach.

    Patrick M. Sheahan / Chief External Affairs and Strategy Officer / Navy Pier
  • We appreciate how much ColorJar cares about us, our site, and our business.

    Jennifer Bell / CMO / Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
  • Customers across the globe have praised the new branding. It’s clear that their team is passionate about their work, and, by extension, the success of their clients.

    Scott Ablin / CMO / Keeper Security
  • ColorJar’s expert team inspires confidence in the project through their meticulous organization and excellent communication.

    Jim Horan / Owner / Blue Plate
  • Rental interest has improved dramatically since the engagement began, while internal feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    Shawn Clark / President / CRG Real Estate
  • They helped us look at ourselves in a different way. The new [branding] materials convey a compelling story that is reflective of the brand’s values and goals.

    Eric Bergstrom / VP of Operations / HBK Engineering
  • They’re a great team to work with…they delivered everything we expected and more.

    Ryan Coon / Co-Founder + CEO / Avail