ColorJar Founder

David Gardner

David Gardner is a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur who started ColorJar from his bedroom in 2008.

Now one Chicago’s top-rated brand consulting and design firms, ColorJar is on a mission to unlock potential for brands that matter. ColorJar specializes in revitalizing brands at key moments of change to drive business results.

David began his branding career in 2003 when he co-founded positive news website Buzzflood, while balancing student-athlete life as an All-Ivy League basketball player and team MVP at Dartmouth.

He’s also the host of a popular podcast, The Big Jump, where he interviews professional athletes who have created success beyond sports.

David is regularly featured in the media and speaks across the US and internationally on the topics of branding and human reinvention.

David has won awards, spoken, and been featured at:
Kellogg Graduate School of Management
American Marketing Association
Chicago Tribune
National Public Radio
United Nations
US Department of State
World Economic Forum
The White House
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Check Out Our Podcast On Reinvention

The Big Jump

Join ColorJar Founder David Gardner as he interviews pro athletes to uncover how they reinvent their identity to create success beyond sports. Listen to the popular podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or search “The Big Jump” on your favorite podcast app.



A device showing The Big Jump Podcast playing