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The Wall Street Journal
featured in the wall street journal on staying resilient

ColorJar Founder David Gardner shares his journaling method and being grateful during unprecedented times in a Wall Street Journal article

United Nations
awarded “under 35 entrepreneur of the year” at united nations

ColorJar Founder David Gardner was named "Under 35 Entrepreneur of the Year" by Empact Showcase, at the United Nations in 2014.

television appearance on chicago’s most watched morning news show

ColorJar Founder David Gardner announced the launch of his podcat "The Big Jump" and discussed his transition from pro athlete to entrepreneur and the inspirational stories behind The Big Jump.

Kellog School of Management
guest lecturer on branding at northwestern’s kellogg

Hosted by the Business Strategy Club at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, David was a guest lecturer for a talk that focused on understanding brand positioning strategy for startups.

featured as a brand expert in paper magazine article

ColorJar Founder David Gardner was quoted for his branding expertise in a 2018 article on the branding of vitamins and supplements for prominent arts and culture magazine Paper Magazine.

White House
named “top 100 under 30 entrepreneur” at white house

ColorJar Founder David Gardner the award from Empact Showcase at the White House, alongside other Under 30 founders from around the country in 2011.

Chicago Tribune
featured advice for young entrepreneurs in the chicago tribune article

ColorJar Founder David Gardner was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article giving networking advice to young entrepreneurs who want to be taken seriously.

appeared on wciu-tv’s show “the jam” to talk about the big jump podcast

ColorJar Founder David Gardner discusses The Big Jump, a podcast about human reinvention featuring pro athletes who have created success beyond sports.

The Ivy League
profile piece features colorjar backstory

ColorJar Founder David Gardner reflects on his Ivy League roots and his discovery of the entrepreneurial world at Dartmouth.

Tasty Trade
interviewed on live morning talk show featuring chicago’s top young entrepreneurs

ColorJar Founder David Gardner appeared on "Bootstrapping in America"to share the ColorJar story and the lessons he's learned along the way.

WGN Sports Feed
featured on sports feed tv show to cover the big jump podcast

On Chicago's very own WGN9's Sports Feed, ColorJar Founder David Gardner discusses the inspiration behind his podcast, The Big Jump, as well as ColorJar's branding approach.

Big Marker
founder profile of colorjar’s david gardner

The profile covers ColorJar Founder David Gardner's entrepreneurial journey, saying he "embodies the Midwestern idea of the American Dream".